Mad Wet Hen: Quilting Patterns by Becca Crook

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What does a Snowman do all year? Look for love, of course! Enjoy a Snowy friend without having to go out in the cold. This will be a series of 12 blocks, (one for each month of the year). You can make small wall-quilts to be changed out every month, or put them in one big bed quilt. The blocks are 10" by 10". Go on a treasure hunt for specialty fabrics, buttons, and trims to deck out your Snowman for every month. The great thing about these snowpeople is that they won't melt - your hard work won't disappear on a warm day!

A goose for all seasons! Have fun putting clothes on your goose to reflect his mood of the month. A long time tradition in the northern states. You have the fun of adding all of the clothes and embelishments from your stash. It will tickle your creative juices and result in a one of a kind creation. This quilt is fairly easy for an intermediate quilter. You can go simple or elaborate on the embelishments so it can be as easy or hard as you would like it to be. Embellishing ideas are also included! It is adorable and your small child or grand child will love it (__" x __")
Additional Packets
Each packet comes with seven geese that can be used on any project you would like. They can even be put on dishtowels! Also included are two, well, nude geese, (one facing left, one facing right,) so that you can design your own. These patterns do not include setting instructions - they are just the geese appliqué patterns themselves, though they do include several ideas for using these fashionable fowl.

Goose Seasons - Fall
Packet includes: Scarecrow, Vampire, Turkey, Ghost, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein and Mummy
Goose Seasons - Winter
Packet includes: Winter gear, Santa Goose, Elf, Reindeer, Gingerbread Lady, Frost Fairy and Christmas present
Goose Seasons - Spring
Packet includes: Valentine, Leprechaun, Butterfly Fairy, Easter Bunny, Rain gear, Flower Fairy andFlamingo
Goose Seasons - Summer
Packet includes: Bride, Uncle Sam, Bathing Beauty, Tourist Guy, Ladybug, Sunflower and Sunbonnet Goose