Mad Wet Hen: Quilting Patterns by Becca Crook

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Looking for a new Christmas design? What better than a stained-glass Christmas angel. Comes with instructions of various stained glass techniques. (19.5" x 22.5")

This is a TOTALLY UNIQUE Holiday Tree Skirt. It is so easy you can finish it way before Christmas. You will even want to make one for each of your friends!

Learn a new and easy technique called "shadow quilting." There is no turning under the applique so this goes together quickly. The applique part is actually sandwiched under an overlay fabric. There are three patterns for a snowman, a cardinal, and a Christmas tree (not pictured). (22.5" x 18")

What does a Snowman do all year? Look for love, of course! Enjoy a Snowy friend without having to go out in the cold. This will be a series of 12 blocks, (one for each month of the year). You can make small wall-quilts to be changed out every month, or put them in one big bed quilt. The blocks are 10" by 10". Go on a treasure hunt for specialty fabrics, buttons, and trims to deck out your Snowman for every month. The great thing about these snowpeople is that they won't melt - your hard work won't disappear on a warm day!